4 choral premieres with the Componisten Werkplaats – FREE Admission
Date: 20 feb, 2022 – 16.00
What: Henk Stoeten and I will present our second vocal lab, a playground we made for putting out a ton of new vocal music in times that are deprived of opportunities for young composers. You’re welcome to come listen to an hour of freshly written choral music, sung by very skilled singers.
Free entrance!
Where: Marnixzaal, Utrecht (entrance at Domplein 4)

Troostavonden (NL)
Date: 3 evenings in March 2022 (exact dates to be announced)
What: A play of live music, dance and spoken word about consolation, or as in Dutch: Troost
Where: Atelier Manenburg, Utrecht

Ubi Amici (Choral worldpremiere)
Date: May 2022 (exact dates to be announced)
What: The long awaited premiere of Ubi Amici, music Diederik wrote for Collegium Utrecht to celebrate their 35th anniversary!
Where: TBA, Utrecht, Bilthoven

Nigredo (Choral worldpremiere)
Date: 11 juni 2022 (exact times to be announced)
What: A piece for double choir that was written in 2020. Themes: Blackholes, Alchemy and human fragility. The Piece is going to beĀ 
Where: Vocal festival by Jurriaan Poesse, Enschede