Der Tod der Geliebten
for mixed choir and singing bowl

27 okt – 14.00 – free entrance – Ewaldenkerk – hogestraat 2 in Druten.

16 nov – 20.15 – tickets – Oude kerk – keizerstraat 8 in Scheveningen

23 nov – 20.15 – tickets – Noorderkerk – schuytstraat 9 in Den Haag

Kamerkoor Kwintessens will premiere a new piece on a text by Rilke in a programme dedicated to the ´veil between life and death´. My piece in particular is concerning the question what happens when a loved one passes away. Are we connected beyond this life form and if so, how do we stay in touch? Who is supposed to make the first move?


Tu Flos Es
for female choir, piano and several soloists

20 dec – 20.00 – tickets at the door – Academiegebouw in Utrecht

Medusa will premiere a piece written on two -rather different- texts by Hildegard von Bingen. I wrote a piece for a programme themed ‘powerwomen’. First of all I’m honored to contribute to this subject and to have been given the chance to try to depict it in music. I chose two texts by Hildegard von Bingen that both represent a rather different take on female strength. One is dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus, and the other to St. Ursula, the martyr of Köln.

Nunc aperuit nobis clausa porta

quod serpens in muliere suffocavit,

unde lucet in aurora

flos de Virgine Maria.

Antiphon to the Virgin Mary

Now a door long shut has opened, to show us

that thing

which the serpent choked in the woman;

and so there shines brightly in the dawn

the flower of the Virgin Mary.


O rubor sanguinis,

qui de excelso illo fluxisti,

quod Divinitas tetigit,

tu flos es,

quem hiems de flatu serpentis

numquam lesit.

Antiphon to St. Ursula

O redness of blood,

who have flowed down from that height

which divinity touched:

you are the flower

that the winter of the serpent’s breath

never withered