Het laatste avondmaal
Date: 5 May, 1st round: 15.30, 2nd round: 20.00
What: dinner-theaterplay about the voyager III and the essence of humanity.
With: Ieke van Dam
Role: Composer, piano, guitar, wineglasses

@ Stadsklooster, Utrecht

Nigredo (Choral worldpremiere)
Date: 11 juni
What: A piece for double choir that was written in 2020. Themes: Blackholes, Alchemy and human fragility.
@ Vocal festival by Jurriaan Poesse, Enschede

Iberian Night (Choral worldpremiere)
Dates: 18, 19, 25, 26 June
@ The hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam

Avond van de Troost Tickets 
Date: 23 June
What: multidisciplinary theatre production about consolation, including spoken word, music, physical theatre and film.
With: Wordbites, Groundless Collective
Role: piano, guitar, singer, sampler

@ Stadsklooster, Utrecht

Zin in de Zomer festival Tickets 
Date: 25 June
What: Wordbites performance
role: piano, guitar, singer

@ Stadsklooster, Utrecht

Festival Hongerige Wolf  Website & tickets
Dates: 8-11 July
Role: Guitarist, Singer, Poet
@ festival hongerige wolf, Groningen

Hocus Focus, de Lievelinge
Date: 21 Sept
what: silent poetry disco performance
Role: Guitarist, Singer, pianist
With: Wordbites
@ de Lievelinge

New Choirmusic EP-concert!
Date: 16 Oct
What: We recorded an EP of my choirmusic last fall and we’d like to show you the results through a live concert!
with: Vocaal Ensemble Cordier
@ Stadsklooster Utrecht