If you want to see scores or perform any of these works, please get in touch with me through:


O Magnum Mysterium (2023, BE)  duration: 2′

Midsummer Night (2023, NL)  duration: 9′
SMATBB + electric guitar & sustain pedal, text: Sara Teasedale

Jeff Boson (2023, NL)  duration: 4′ 30″
TTBB + basso profundo solo, text: Quotes by Einstein

Miro Celia (2022, NL)  duration: 4′
SSAATTBB, text: sor Juana Inez de la Cruz

Settle (2022, NL)  duration: 7′
SAATB + wineglass

Cradled Mind
/ Glasshouse # 1 (2022, NL)  duration: 2′ 30″
SATB, text: Emily Vierthaler

Away / Glasshouse # 2 (2022, NL)  duration: 2′ 30″
SSATTB, text: Emily Vierthaler

Safe and Sound / Glasshouse # 3 (2022, NL)  duration: 3′
SATB, text: Emily Vierthaler

Der Blinde
(2022, NL)  duration: 3′
TTBB + countertenor solo, text: Rainer Maria Rilke

Solo tu Voz (2022, MEX)  duration: 5′
SSATTB, text: Diederik van der Laag

Stay CLOSE/d (2022, NL)  duration: 5′
SATB div. , text: none

I Hope you Grow (2022, MEX)  duration: 5′
SSATTB, text: Emily Vierthaler

Daughter of the Vine (2021, NL)  duration: 5′
SSATTB + tuned wineglasses, text: Omar Khayyam

Wake (2021, NL)  duration: 4′
SATB, text: Omar Khayyam

Pursue Light (2021, NL), duration: 3′
SATTB, text: Omar Khayyam

One (2021, NL)  duration: 4′
SATB, text: Omar Khayyam

Nigredo (2020, NL)
SSAATTBB piece set to ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe.

Kierkegaards Prayer (2020, USA)
Song cycle for Basso Profundo Glenn Miller

Ubi Amici (2019, NL)
Mixed choir

Tu Flos Es (2019, NL)
two soprano soli, female choir (SAA), piano

Der Tod der Geliebten (2019, NL)
soprano, shaman drum, singing bowl, mixed choir

Kamerkoor Kwintessens, Live premiere

Le Feu Grandira (2019, NL)
cello, mixed choir

Wedding anthem for Stephanie & Simons entrance on libretto written by themselves

Oh nuit (2019, FR)
basso profundo, mixed choir

Ils Dorment (2018, NL)
SATB – ensemble, mixed choir

Catalan Premiere by Irrevocable, Lotus Octet and Wouter Verhage

Der Schwan (2018, USA)
SSSAAA – ensemble, mixed choir

World premiere in TivoliVredenburgs grote zaal, Utrecht by Kamerkoor & Haarlems Studenten Koor

text: Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

En Altijd Een Overigens (2017, NL)
baritone, AAA – solo ensemble, mixed choir, drum

commissioned by: Collegium Utrecht
text: Hugo de Haas van Dorsser

My love is like a Red, Red Rose (2017, NL)
soprano, viola, mixed choir, guitar

traditional Scottish song arranged for a wedding
text: Robert Burns (1794)

Two Wedding Songs (2017, NL)
viola, harp, double bass

Preview of Celine and Martens Entrance song

Het Lied van de Oude Man (2016, NL)
two speakers, tenor solo, mixed choir

commissioned by: Kamerkoor JIP
text: Phillipe Claudel

Miks Ma Ei Tapa Ennast (2015, NL)
mezzo-Soprano soloist, mixed choir

commissioned by: Kamerkoor JIP
text: Paul-Eerik Rumo
Worldpremiere of Miks Ma Ei Tapa Ennast by Kamerkoor JIP & Imre Arthur Ploeg

Tous Nous Sommes des Chercheurs (2015, Fr)
mixed choir

premiered by: Choras Melika (Vilnius, Lithuania)
text: frere Rogér de Taizé